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***NEW ART***

I happen to be fortunate enough to have a true friend who is not only on the same level spiritually and mentally, she is a kick ass artist to boot!

Watch this space!

*Update!* More and more preliminary sketches are complete for a number of the characters and for the cover art. Que has begun to give artistic vision to the creatures within the pages of my debut novel, "That which does not kill". Please message or email me if you would like more information on this wonderful artist.

The mighty "Dottenhast" and their unfortunate victims...

The Arch Hidden "Avarn". This woman wants nothing more than to tear apart her enemies, and suck the power out of anything she can...

Dress, face and chest detail further worked on.

3D cover design. Cover design nearly complete, with chest detail. Those who enter the gates of Nights Grave, come seeking this brand, and the power that it represents.

The malevolent "eurelai". This giant bird is NOT your friend.

Poor little "Hordrid". All he wanted was to be like everybody else...

The noble quopei "Kaia".

The bewitching Arch Hidden "Keist". If only she didn't have to obey her heart...

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