Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Atrophy likes the sinful ones... Part Two!

In the crisp cool night air she stood, sucking deeply on her designer ciggarette. She loved the tingle in her veins and flesh, as the oxygen level in her blood became saturated with the chemicals from the smoke. Atrophy held the knife blade up to the moonlight and matched the street number with the house in front of her. She knew it would be one and the same, for the house seemed to radiate malevolence. The grass outside this house was all but dead - with nought but a few paper daisies and thistles poking up through the cracked earth.

Even the trees lining the sidewalk seemed to lean away from whatever, or whoever, lurked inside. She slipped the open blade between her breasts, and felt a flood of desire at the feel of the cool blade on her hot skin. With every breath she felt a scratching sensation, and she could easily imagine the red raw scrapes of it gnawing at her flesh as she walked. Atrophy flicked the butt of the ciggarette over her shoulder and stalked up to the door. It was a warped old wooden door with a large brass ring knocker. Everything about the house was unkempt and weathered, and Atrophy thought that she could smell a musty scent. The clicking of cockroach feet made her curl her lip upwards in a sneer at the disgusting habits of even the most sexually exciting men.

A footstep behind her made her heart leap and she felt a sharp jolt as the blade nicked her skin. She did not turn, for she knew who it was. He was trying to spook her, but she was not in the mood to play the naive vixen. She lifted her chin and pulled her hair over he shoulder to expose her bare neck, as if mocking his brazen attempt.

"So, you big bad bull...You think you can scare me?"

She purred each word with a playful pout, and was not surprised at all to feel his hands creep around her throat...

They were strong and purposeful, and he lingered there, halting the air from reaching her lungs. His head leaned in close to hers and he sniffed at her hair. His exhale was loud in her ear, and she found it both enticing and repulsive. They had not yet discussed who was going to play the dominant role, and she was slightly insulted by his assertion. She was a good submissive, but she was on fire when she had full control. This petty man was not choosing her best side.

She moaned as though she was feeling dizzy, and his hands squeezed more tightly. His breathing increased, and he pushed her body forward so that she was pressed up against the wall, with the force of his body behind her.

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