Saturday, March 20, 2010

They are only words

'What are you waiting for? They are only words after all...'


The cavern seemed to echo with her thoughts, and her heartbeat resonated louder than she thought physically possible.

'They are not only words. You cannot convince me otherwise.'

Her heartbeat quickened because she knew the response even before the icy words taunted her with their venom.

'But it is not me that you need to convice.'

Her pale skinned face flushed red with a prickling rage, and she fell to her knees, begging for some other way. The prickles turned to a heavy pounding within her skull. She was laden with guilt, and utter hopelessness. Running somewhere deep and dark through Lady Elesaira's mind were desperate pleas, the likes of which she would never say. Could not ever say. Even thinking them was dangerous.

'I don't have the strength to fight you. I cannot win this, I am too weak inside. Please forgive me Deinah, your blood will forever be on my hands.'

Instead she swallowed hard and quieted the rogue voice inside her. However, the reviled Overlord might have already heard her. For all she knew, it might already be too late. Staring at the billowing red mass before her, she decided to stand her ground, she knew that she was dead either way...and so was the boy...

"I will not bow to your will, no matter the cost."

...To be continued

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