Monday, March 15, 2010

Blood from a stone

Click, click, click, the old familiar sound.

Thump, thump, thump, the rhythmic heartbeat quickened. The top of her throat closed up tightly, as though trying to keep the bile from its will to purge.

Click, click, click, loud enough so that she was well aware of the purpose. Each click conjured an image of a tiny hammer within the lock, settling in its tiny brass groove. One click closer to unlocked.


The arc of light spread as the door creaked open, and the click of the key was replaced with the click of the boot heel.

"My oh my, you have been waiting up for me, my love."

Hot needles prickled under the skin on her face, in a rush of anger and fear.

'Don't speak, don't say anything. Don't encourage it.'

A long audible breath inhaled as the next words were pondered. No encouragement was needed for tonight there was dire intent.

"My Lady, my love, my dark sorceress...Elsbeth."

The sparkling glint from the dagger tip only caused a brief moments dalliance, before the rage slithered forth in a hiss.

"That's not my name."

The intruder clenched a sinewy fist around the dagger, and the boot heel ground itself into the dusty concrete. Sandra knew that she should not have spoken. Especially not those words. Those four words were always so tempting to speak, but they provoked the worst encounters from her captor.

"You dare defy me still? How many times must I punish you for your insolence?"

Sandra began to tremble in fear as her captor trembled with excitement. As the footsteps drew nearer to her chained body in the dark corner, she wished that one of these nights her tongue would be cut out to save her from trying to oppose the onslaught.

...To be continued...

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