Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The journey from 'Writer' to 'Author'.

I have received an offer of publication, which is fantastic, however I was impatient and submitted to quite a few and have not yet heard back from most of them. I have since learnt that this is a common thing for 'green' authors to do. The recommended process is to submit to one or two and wait to hear back but I was just bursting and could not bear to wait six weeks for a rejection before sending another submission out.

On one hand my heart is telling me, 'just go for it, you may only get one acceptance package.' On the other hand I am sceptical because it is a pay for publishing company. They do not appear to be a vanity publisher but it is still less desirable in the eyes of some. The internet is rife with people voicing opinions about things that they disagree on. Fortunately they do not voice particular issues with this publisher - just annoyance at subsidy publishing in general. So when I did find reviews on the publisher the news was favourable.

I suppose that is the curse of being a newbie to the scene, and perhaps there will be many confusing situations before I get it right. For now, I am consumed by the choice, to pay to publish or not to pay to publish. I still do not know, and for the moment I think I am just going to keep learning and hoping that my dream offer will come in the mail and I can publish my dream special edition the way I want it to be...(but aren't we all?)

Love Kitty

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