Sunday, January 3, 2010

Greetings from the other side...


I am starting this site to bring together those of us in the fantasy world that like things a little bit darker. Feel free to post your thoughts and discussions on all things with talons, wings, demonic souls and other worldly heritage.

My only request is that you not hold back. Fantasy is the perfect genre for a writer to experiment with landscapes, fight scenes and magic. More often than not however the focus is on the lighter side.

Welcome to the dark side!

Here we toy with sorcery, lust, betrayal, ritual sacrifice and making our heroes go through hell before vindication!!

Love from Kitty


  1. It's all happening now Kitty. All your hard work will start paying off. Congrats on getting to this point. Can't wait to read the entire thing. xx

  2. From the tortured child grew a woman of rare beauty; inner and outer...your words haunt us but with those words,your Spirit soars..
    You're right,of course,we all have demons but not all of us have the courage to relive them, nor the strength to overcome them with such Grace....always remember how much we love you and how proud we are of you... "That Which Does Not Kill" ROCKS - and so do you!!